An ideal family

A family... of a great love, where every evening, laying baby to sleep, parents kiss him
...where a joint weekend outside home must be obligatory...where all members value the tradition of joint supper during which they can find out the latest news and achievements of a family...based on love, mutual understanding, support...where each member doesnt remain without attention, in a hard situation they dont surrender and, rallying, find right decision. They are those people who will never leave each a unit of two independent of each other people who are together because they want it will be so. First of all married couple must be "friends" then "lovers" and at the end "wife and husband", so all develop by ideal a whole and unstructible thing, there are no "I" and "You", only "We" and this "We" has own opinion. Children are not result of the nights parents spend together - children are embodiment of love. The relations between them are good until old age.