Since ancient times people such as Aristotle wanted to define what happiness is. Ancient insisted that happiness was an activity – because it requires skill and focus. One thing is clear – happiness is not an easy thing to understand.
Most psychologists define happiness as a positive emotional state: a good mood or cheery disposition. Hence, happiness is a purely subjective thing: it is like fingerprints, for each person it is different. Each of us has a goal in his life and achieving this goal can make us happier. Some people find happiness in making family and friends. It is not surprising, as it can provide you with the sense of stability and confidence in future. People who don’t have such support are often unhappy. For other people the chief goal is career. But it is a bad idea to concentrate only on this. Such people are happy while they are young and strong but they rarely have somebody who can assist them in difficult situations and old age.
People who value feelings and emotions feel happy when they are in love with somebody or they are loved by somebody. Those who are fond of power, feel their importance and, thus, happiness when they are recognized and can manipulate people. Health and attractiveness can also bring happiness, for some people daily looking oneself in the mirror and receiving compliments can provide them with pleasure. There are even some altruists who feel happiness when somebody nearby feels happiness. The sources of happiness can be countless: traveling, victory, recreation, dedication to religion, cars, good clothes, etc. Besides, the longer we look forward to getting something that we crave, the more joyous moments of happiness we feel. Most children and teenagers thirst for becoming an adult.
The logical conclusion is that ideal happiness is possible if all the above-listed conditions are fulfilled. There is no such an existing on the planet person who can state that he cognized what ideal happiness is. We can only feel the moments of happiness. As Aristotle once said “one pleasant day does not make a whole life happy”.