Education for a change

In the article “Is This What Life’s About?” Elizabeth Shaw is a 16 y.o student who struggles hard to get into a prestige college through unsleeping nights and over studding stress. Her daily life is a learning process, she has time for nothing while other students have energy to do more things then Elizabeth. Educational info cause panic to Shaw. She needs to attend a good University at the same time trying to find time to enjoy life. Elizabeth is a teenager who a little bit exaggerate about her suffering during studding moments, she just a “spoiled” girl who didn’t experienced foreign students struggling in different parts of the world.
As it has stated by Shaw, “School administrators, guidance counselors and parents make it seem as if my life will be over unless I get into a good college.” Of course, baby! Especially in the century people live nowadays nobody can have good life without finishing college or University. Undoubtedly, maybe for some people it is ok to work the whole life on gas station and get paid minimum wages. Maybe some guys are happy like that but to be honest I’m sure that even them not once thought about their lost opportunity to attend college. For example, one friend of mine have never liked to study at school I remember how he was complaining about long homework, but he always had time for friends and parties. One time I went to the market, the one they sell vegetables, fruits, trees and I saw this guy there. I was very surprised because I even didn’t recognize him, he was completely dirty his close, his hands, his face exactly like guys from the street. What life does to people? What shocked me the most is his appearance. He looked very old because of hard farm work he did. Of course, right now he would give everything just to have another chance to go and study and I’m concerned that he would never miss a day of class, he would put all his strength just to finish and not to be a farmer anymore.
But too late! This is remind me Shakespeare words, “ That it will be no pain later for useless years.” He had been talking about education and about years which people usually lose and then later they understand that they should do a lot before but now is late and nothing they can do anymore. There is no more opportunity, no more chance in life.
Next Shaw’s statement is, “ My mother has become obsessed with the progress of my as-yet-unwritten college application.” Oh Lord, how kids can underestimate their parents’ who have desire to give wise suggestions, who are willing to support, to give right advice on right time. Why not to listen, why not to take a life lesson? This girl supposed to be thankful to God every day in her life for mom who cares about her, who put all her soul and all her strength to make this “ baby” understand that she needs to study, she needs to be somebody. It is so good to feel that her mom cares about her, isn’t it? According to the article, the mother is the one who stimulate Elizabeth to difficulties she will faced in a real world. But this girl will understand later when the time will come. For example, It’s very sad that wisdom usually don’t come on time. People are created like that, they don’t appreciate what they have but they cry when they lose. Interesting, ha! One Russian poet said, “ It would be so good if I would listen what my Dad said, if I just could attend that University he suggested me, my life could be totally different and I would be another person, but now he dead and I would give everything to tell him how much I love him, I regret that I have never listened him.” He didn’t appreciate his father’s advices the same like Elizabeth doesn’t appreciate her mom’s ones. Shaw even complained that her mom controls Elisabeth’s college searching and her personal time, “You had fun last summer, you can’t do it again this year.” But this is good, I wish all the parents would be like that.
Finally Shaw states, “Overworking as a teenager might get us into a good colleges, but what sort of memories will it make?” If it is overwork in high schools, then excuse me what is going to be with this girl when she will go to University? If now she is over work, what will happened later to her brain? Moreover, she is not the only student in the world, a lot of people do it. Everybody goes to colleges and Universities and nobody dies from studying hard yet. Elizabeth should attend high schools in Russia or Europe and then she will see what real struggling is. For example, the kids over there don’t complain at all, they just go and study like my brother. He doesn’t like to study hard but he doesn’t have a choice, he has to do it. Nobody cares about his complains, so he just study and concentrate on his projects which are very hard and sometimes it takes him two nights to finish one huge drawings. Therefore, Shaw does complain too much, she doesn’t recognize that even if she struggles hard like she wrote in the article, it is good for her, she needs to know how is that to honor knowledge. Education is a base for her mental world. As much knowledge she can get as smarter she will become. And there is nothing bad to study but just don’t blame nobody for it. Her Mom didn’t make her do all that she suggested her, Elizabeth choose to suffer in studding process by herself, she doesn’t have to tell people that she is exhausted.
In conclusion, Shaw is very immature girl, she behaves badly with her mom probably because she always was given what she wants and she was allowed to do a lot when she was little. Looks like she is loved by her parents and that is why her Mom chasing her with a college applications. My guess is that by having a good education Elizabeth has more chance to become an adult mature, intelligent, and responsible person. This way she will be able to see the life in deferent way.