Barbie’s qualities

How interesting, that toys bring children’s attention so much that they can effect their lives forever. Every adult was a kid one day and he or she played boy’s or girl’s toys. The question is why kids separate their toys? What people’s social goals were in the American society from the beginning of 1960. What kind of expectation the country wanted to input on their citizen. All those questions have been asked many times in deferent centuries. It is very interesting what role girl’s toys played in kids lives. Barbie was the example of young women toys. The influence of this doll on American society on the 1960 was significant: Barbie was a symbol of wealth, beautiful wife’s, dependent woman.
According to the article by Michelle Sit , “Barbies Effects on American Suburban Culture” Barbie had an idea to make children think that material wealth is very imperative. The quote says, “The ideals of Barbie are portrayed through this ideal of suburbia that material things are very important.” Which is very interesting point. Looking back there it is reasonable to say that definitely on the 1960 was a totally different time when Barbie was first created. Most of the women were from the middle class and a lots of them was from higher class society; so Barbie was a representative of a high social class. Every girl wanted to be rich, every woman wanted to be in higher class. From the history, it has always been like this, even if people are poor they try to be more richer or at least look like rich; as a result, they all wanted Barbie. And for wealthy girls, of course, Barbie was an example of their own life.
According to the article, “Effects on American Suburban Culture” Barbie was created to stimulate young future women to be a good wives, stay home and look beautiful for their husbands. It is true, it was a significant influence on young girls as future wives. They would be a good party company or good lovers because of their look, their beauty, and their behavior (even their words, “I don’t like Math”). What about good wives, real wives who would support their husbands in good days and in bad days? There is nothing about Barbie as a good mother. Even if Barbie had kids, they were in the house themselves; meanwhile, Barbie usually was outside in her swimming pool. So there are a lot of questions if the Barbie is a really good example of a wife.
Also, according to the article, “Effects on American Suburban Culture” Barbie was useless without Ken, a man that every women needed to survive. “This need for Ken truly portrays one of the expectations for women at the time of the 1960s. Women were failures without male companionship”. That is true that time women played different role in the American society then now-days. They were born to be a helper of man, exactly like the Bible says. Women had to stay in the house and cook, clean, wash, take care of the children. But, of course, this applies only for a middle class or a poor class of people. Wealthy ones wouldn’t even care to cook or wash, they would rather spend the time doing their nails exactly like Barbie. Only one common thing all women on the 1960, no matter what class they were from they all needed man to take care of them. It was just woman role that time and they all have to follow that pattern. If a man is rich, “cool” a woman is Barbie but if a man is poor, wives can only dream about Barbie and buy these dolls for their kids to make them feel better and give them hope in the future.
In conclusion, Barbie doll is a very good creation. It has a lot of negative and positive sides. As a doll it is very joyful for a kids, they can play their little adult life being a kid, they can imagine how it is to be wealthy, how it is to be beautiful, and how it feels to be in Barbie’s shoes. Of course, on the other hand, when kids grow up they can see reality and reality may be not like they imagined in the childhood. Barbie now days is much more different then 1960 but it still has that spirit of wealthy old Barbie. This century more and more girls try to be like her. More and more girls want to be models. They want to be on top of fashion. So I think it is up to parents to decide what they want from their kids.