Almost every person in the world like animals, admire and value them. We like to go to the zoo and watch after funny cheerful monkeys and amusing giraffes and kangaroos. We think that animals get a great pleasant from the intercourse with people. But do you think is it really possible to be satisfied when you sit in a cramped cage and dream only about your remote home – jungles, desert or tropics? How can you be pleased if you must work in a horrible heat or dank rain? No one wants to live in such terrible way, but animals are exploited just like this. Not infrequently animals are ill or die because they can not put up with exploit. Of course, animal commerce is a lucrative deal, and it is very difficult to strive with it.

Firstly, we must refuse from buying wild animals. In such a way we kill our nature. Do you know how is transporting of wild animals happening? Parrots which are soil in huge number are twisted in newspapers, and little parrots are transported in tins or thermoses. Wings of wild birds they nail to sides of the trunks in which they are seated. Monkeys are very noisy animals. Smugglers can fight down even this problem. They add alcohol or somnolent to their food. By transporting animals in this way 60 per cent of them die, but it still stay a very profitable business.

Keeping animals in zoos is horrific deal too. Tourists like to make photos with exotic animals, as for example gibbons. As a rule, these are animals young (their parents are often killed because of their attempts to save their children). People want monkeys to make different tricks, and it is very difficult and exhausting for them. One more mockery is driving on animals. Children and adults like to drive on elephant’s backs, but for elephants it is a hard burden, that’s why they don’t live long in zoos. Animals in zoos are like slaves. They must ‘work’ in any conditions, even if they are tired or ill.

Afterwards, very often smugglers take only parts of animals they killed. In other words, they kill deer to get antlers, bears to obtain bile or fell. Certainly, it’s unreasonable to kill becoming extinct animals for only parts of their bodies. Moreover, have you ever ask yourself what is the aim to buy wild animals? Very often rich people buy exotic animals to emphasize their status and wealth, and they do not understand that it is horrible stress for their ‘pets’ to get to a such kind of captivity.

Animal’s transporting is not only ethical problem. There is a risk for our health. Do you know, why? Because delivered live ‘goods’ are often carriers of different infectious illnesses.