Kids are God’s

Prison is a place where nobody wants to be. Juvenile Hall is a part of a prison only for kids, for people who are young who haven’t live their lives yet. Why does it happen, why do young people end up in jail? What did they do in this world to get this kind of justice? According to Janet Kinosian from the LA Times, “They are children. But theyre under lock and key for crimes including murder. Authorities are grasping for new methods to reach them--techniques that attempt to tap into the souls of these young inmates.” Kids at the age of 11 and up can be in a Juvenile Hall. Do those kids totally understood what they have committed, maybe they were led by somebody or maybe they just committed a crime because there was nothing to eat at home. There are many different reasons for a young person to get to jail. Sometimes those reasons are important and do needed some treatment; however, most of the children usually commit misdemeanors. I interviewed pastor Jerry Hill from “Revival” church and it was very interesting to remember his words, “ All kids are good and especially kids who are in jail, their souls hurt by what they did.” Indeed they wanted to commit crimes? According to pastor Jerry, the spiritual believers sure that all kids in the world are blessed and were not born to appear in jail.
First of all, most of the children who are going through a juvenile justice system usually get hurt emotionally, that is why they do need a spiritual treatment of a pastor or any Church members any religion they are belong to. Having an interview with a Pastor Jerry the question was, “ Why do you think young kids ended up locked up in jail?”. His answer was very interesting. He said that most of the kids who were asked why they committed a crime said, “I don’t know why I did it”. So does it mean that they understood later that they were wrong, maybe they were possessed by bad spirit that time they committed a crime. Of course, if to look at it from the religious side, it is obvious that people usually commit a crime when they got passed by devil, and sometimes they don’t even remember that they did it. In this case kids souls according to the Bible are innocents, they are God’. The result is they all end in prison and getting hurt daily by the tough jail’s condition. It is true that in jail nobody feels comfortable, it is very stressful place. And on the pastor Jerry’s opinion, kids just unable to get better emotionally under these circumstances. They do need help, they need spiritual rehabilitation. Like in the Mark Salzman’s book, True Notebooks some kids are really getting hurt from the condition they are that’s why the writing class give them a way to express their emotions and it is sort of rehabilitation program Mark Salzman did for those needed ones.
Secondly, indeed some of the Children do think serious about God when they are in jail. According to the pastor Hill , “ Young people do think about God and even more if they were outside.” Why do people think about God when they are in trouble? It is a big religious question which everybody would like to answer; unfortunately, nobody knows this answer only our Creator. But the truth is that on this Earth everybody always desires to commit a sin not matter how mature people such as an adult or a kid. It is so easy to get passed by evil especially when people don’t have a hope in life, when children stay on the street without parents, and people who would teach them what to do. Unquestionably, why it happens like that; it is a good question to God. Definitely, this trouble brings this children to jail, and maybe for some of them this is a salvation. Jerry mentioned that people always find God under the circumstances they have never think they could be. Moreover, God always find the way for those special who need him. In the True Notebook it was a story when a lots of guys wrote about God or about the world they would like to know. It’s like one of the guys in the poem “Clouds” which makes people think he does want to feel something kind, something nice, something beautiful, and something permanent which gives him a peace he had never experienced before. That is the case that everybody is looking for a peace, and for those who want it, can find it in God. The other poems of one of the guys was about a fight between a devil and an angel which also shows that this guy was definitely thinking about God. In this fight, he showed the way he felt since the time he submitted crime. When he started thinking about bad things, it was a fight inside of him, a day when he committed a crime he thought that he was bad. However, there is still something good in him and this good is an angel. This angel can be dominant forever with the spiritual rehabilitation.
Thirdly, children are very important in this world. People can’t just close their eyes on all these terrible things which are going on with some of them. A government, churches, somebody has to do something about it. On the question, “ What would you recommend to the kids who are not locked up and what would you do to keep them out of jail?” pastor Jerry answered, “ They need to know God from the beginning, parents need to take their children in the earlier age to Church. Schools need to have a Christian subjects. The kids, who are on the street need help from local residents. Charities with God followers would help a lot. The kids who already in jail will accept God also, some of them may appreciate God more while some of them still may have post jail syndrome because they are just kids. They are not adults who already got adapted in this world they still want to dream, they want to have fun, they want to enjoy their life. According to the CNN news, one little boy killed his father’s pregnant fiancé and like nothing happened came back to school. Needless, this is a crime, nobody knows really what happened but the reality is this kid was 10 years old; he probably was mad on her for something, like it is always hard for the children to accept another person in their parent life rather than their loved one a mother or a father. So what will happen to this poor little kid? Will they put him to Juvenile hall to destroy all his kid childhood. Probably, many people would say that this is a crime and criminals have to be punished, but in this case a criminal is a young boy who is not capable of understanding of what he did. Judges can decide that, but this is still a mistake of the parents they “helped” his little one to get in this trouble. They ought to take him to church earlier they ought to tell him before what could happen if people kill and all this little story that can help kids to realize the situations and not to act crazy if they would not know.
In conclusion, it is very important to understand the purpose of life. It is very important to have the Jesus as your savior. It is important to teach the kids also. It is really bad to get to juvenile hall and spend some of the best years there. Some of the children lose their hope forever and they could never get it over. There are not too many people who could recover from this kind of mental punishment. This suffering is more mental then physical. It is known, that mental disorders make more damages then physical ones. According to psychologist’s observations, mental sickness can be treated by spiritual programs of rehabilitation. “ People look for God, this is the only way to stay away from the problems.” said pastor Jerry. Especially, kids, who are the flowers of the earth who needs to enjoy their College lives. Jail is a place where everybody can get in but not everybody can recover.