I think family has one common and general meaning for every person in the world. We all know that it is a society cell, but for example Victor Gygo thought, that “a family is the society in miniature, from the integrity of which depends the whole people society”. Speaking about family we interpret it as protectability, reliability, love and support. We realize that just here, in family, we become happy and full-fledged. Having a family means great responsibility and obligation, therefore family creation is a very important step in life of every man.
Family carries out many functions in the society, such as social (is a cell of the society), psychological (relationships between children and parents), economical and so on. Family and society are always together and they can’t exist without each other. Family supports society and vice versa. In a more comprehensive sense, family sets up optimal conditions for overall developments of the people, being in the family, care and support each other and be always together.
According to the statistics in Russia most of the young people in their 18-23 years old share a single ambition: they want to get married, have children and live happily ever after.
But if we compare Russia and West European countries in this sense we will see, that the situation there is quite the opposite. Young people there want firstly have an education, get job, earn enough money, spend it for themselves and be independent on their parents. I think it is a very good ambition for such young people as we are. Young people in Europe get married and become their first kid, when they are 28-30. And it is a usual situation for them. Whereas in our society prevail old traditions. If you are already 25 and still haven’t a husband and child, you are called an old maid in Russia. It is an unwritten rule for us, and, many people support it. As for me we must forget such stupid attitude to people. It was 10 and 20 years ago. But now we live in the twenty first century, we must develop and improve ourselves as innodividuals. I understand that somebody likes it, but why then criticize other people who don’t want to do it. Why then call them “an old maid” or “an old bachelor”? Every man creates his own destiny and chooses his own way in the life.
Of course, it comes from our religion and partly from the stereotypes which exist in the society.
I think it is not necessary to create a family just because of the widespread meaning. Frankly speaking I am 21 and I am not ready to create my own family. And it is ridiculous and terrifying in the same time, when teenagers (13-16) declare that they are ready for both- creating a family and having a baby. I don’t understand it. And I am sure that namely because of such “great parents” we have unparented kids, unwed mothers, lack of love and happiness in families. What can children give to other children? Nothing….only a bad experience and bad example for them in the future. Actually, I think all these early marriages or as they are also called “student marriages” are not strong and long-lived. And I have a lot of examples in support of this. It is foolish to get married and have a family only because of not to be mocked, or because it is need to be done.
In my opinion only mature people can make such important decision in their life as to have a family. And mature means not only physical maturity, but also mental activity, money, independence, job and profession. For example, physically I am ready to have a child, but morally I am not. And I am not sure that a fifteen-years-old girl is.
Family is not a game; it is a real life with its problems and contradictions. And people create a family in order to understand, solve and overcome these contradictions together, no matter are they 2, 3, 5 or 7.
Once the famous French novelist and politician Andre Malraux said: “Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold”. And I fully agree with this quotation. Family is love and support, no matter where are you. A man, having no family, is lonely and miserable in this world. Every person deserves to have a family and to be happy, but the most important thing is not when are you going to create a family, but what family are you going to have and what for.