Should parents make decisions for their teenage children?

The generation gap, the problem of parents and children is the one of most serious problems in the world. Parents give life to their children; they give them an education and up-bringing, take care about them. Why anyway children always have antagonistic with their parents? I think that it is two-side problem. Parents are used to seeing in their children obtuse babies, they always used to solve all problems their children had when they were in tender age. And when children are coming to teen-age, it is quite difficult to their parents to realize and accept that their children have their own opinions and looks. Yesterday kids believed every word of their parents, applied for help, strongly convinced that their parents could manage with any ptoblem which in the world exists. But today their babies suddenly began to quarrel with adults, go out from control and refuse to obey. Of course, it does not happen at once, but anyway parents sometimes are not ready for this change and they can not admit that their child is mature enough to deny total care because it impede their development. Mother and father strive to make decisions instead of their teenage children, because they consider them not clever enough for making their own decisions. Parents want to save their children from mistakes; it is a natural desire, but it is not right in my opinion. Anybody should learn and sometimes human has to learn by making mistakes; otherwise he would come in adult life helpless and weak. In that way, wanting support their children, parents involuntary harm them.
Children, from their side, becoming teenagers do not realize themselves like babies, they consider that know everything in this world and think that parents get nothing in the modern life, so they can not help them to make correct decisions. Children want to rush out from parents' concern; they are attracted by adult life. So, the conflict will not seem to be ended, because of misunderstanding one another. That is why in order to keep peace both of these sides have to find a compromiss. Children should realize that parents because of their life experience sometimes are able to make more correct decision than a child himself. Parents, on the other hand, should not to intervene every time in life of their teenage children and give them an opportunity to make their own decisions, their own mistakes. Anyway, parents should respect their child's choice and admit the right of child to make his own decision, especially in important questions of life as choice of profession etc. At last, child has to get a responsibility for his decisions, so that he could not tell in any unlucky result that it was his parents' fault because they did not give him a freedom in actions. Sometimes it is very important just prompt to child a right way, but not to press on him. Intelligent parents behave like that and they have fewer problems with their teenage children.