Young people often have problems with the elder generation

Contradictions between younger generation and the elder one have existed for ages. We can find proof of that IN the works of such writers as Turgenev, Dickens, Wild and others. This problem is still real nowadays and will always exist.
In fact, it is no surprise that there are misunderstandings in all of the families, they are a natural consequence of life and the changes which it brings. Though I guess the most important thing about the generation gap is to try to avoid violent conflicts. Firstly, parents should consider conceding to their children as much as possible. Also parents should never physically punish their children, nor exercise any king of violence against them. They shouldn’t try to reason with them if possible or shout at them if necessary. It’s a well-known fact that abuse in the family can lead in turn to an inferiority complex that will negatively affect children for the rest of their lives. Psychologists claim that any case of violence remains on child’s mind forever. Parents must be very gentle, kind, sincere, decent with their children whenever possible.
Secondly, parents should regard the great importance of their interests, ideas, opinions and support their personality as it develops. It is obvious that children’s views don’t match with parental ones. Yet both adults and children have to ask themselves how one would feel if they were in each other’s shoes.
Thirdly, adults should educate teenagers properly by telling them what is good and what is bad, teach them to behave themselves and prevent them from smoking, drinking and taking drugs. Consequently, adults’ supervision is significant and the lack of it may cause children to have serious problems in the future due to the lack of guidance.
On the other hand, teenagers themselves may ignore parental advice at times. Sometimes young people don’t obey their parents, when in reality they should be receptive to their advice. Children ought to agree with their parents as much as possible, because they are wise, experienced, responsible and reasonable. In the end they have the best of intentions and wishes for their children and have a lot invested in them. It’s generally believed that adults are always right, but in fact they are right in most of cases, but not always. Every teenager should bear that in mind, but shouldn’t take on their parents lightly, and should think twice before doing so.
In conclusion, I would advise every family to avoid violence and sort out their differences peacefully. Applying the force is obsolete and unreasonable.