Das Kinderzimmer kindgerecht gestalten mit Wandtattoos

Eine neue Möglichkeit, um sein Zimmer individuell zu gestalten, sind Wandtattoos. Diese sind eine einfache und kreative Möglichkeit, sich das Zimmer ganz nach den eigenen Wünschen zu designen – ohne größeres Fachwissen oder Arbeit. Besonders für Kinderzimmer sind solche Wandtattoos sehr gut geeignet, schließlich kann man den Helden einer Zeichentrickserie oder ein Pferd an die Wand kleben und später auch wieder ganz einfach abziehen.

Mit der richtigen Laufbekleidung eine gute Figur machen

Um sportlich aktiv zu bleiben und dabei auch erfolgreich zu sein, erfordert es nicht nur der richtigen Motivation, sondern auch der richtigen Sportbekleidung. Schließlich sollte man beim Nachgehen seiner favorisierten Sportart nicht von der Bekleidung behindert oder gar verletzt werden. Besonders beim Laufen beziehungsweise beim Joggen ist eine angemessene Bekleidung für Männer und Frauen gleichermaßen notwendig. Natürlich sollte man dabei auch auf das optische Aussehen achten, schließlich möchte man beim Laufen auch eine gute Figur machen.

An ideal family

A family... of a great love, where every evening, laying baby to sleep, parents kiss him

Young people often have problems with the elder generation

Contradictions between younger generation and the elder one have existed for ages. We can find proof of that IN the works of such writers as Turgenev, Dickens, Wild and others. This problem is still real nowadays and will always exist.

Should parents make decisions for their teenage children?

The generation gap, the problem of parents and children is the one of most serious problems in the world. Parents give life to their children; they give them an education and up-bringing, take care about them. Why anyway children always have antagonistic with their parents?


Almost every person in the world like animals, admire and value them. We like to go to the zoo and watch after funny cheerful monkeys and amusing giraffes and kangaroos. We think that animals get a great pleasant from the intercourse with people. But do you think is it really possible to be satisfied when you sit in a cramped cage and dream only about your remote home – jungles, desert or tropics? How can you be pleased if you must work in a horrible heat or dank rain?


I think family has one common and general meaning for every person in the world. We all know that it is a society cell, but for example Victor Gygo thought, that “a family is the society in miniature, from the integrity of which depends the whole people society”. Speaking about family we interpret it as protectability, reliability, love and support. We realize that just here, in family, we become happy and full-fledged.

Education for a change

In the article “Is This What Life’s About?” Elizabeth Shaw is a 16 y.o student who struggles hard to get into a prestige college through unsleeping nights and over studding stress. Her daily life is a learning process, she has time for nothing while other students have energy to do more things then Elizabeth. Educational info cause panic to Shaw. She needs to attend a good University at the same time trying to find time to enjoy life.

Kids are God’s

Prison is a place where nobody wants to be. Juvenile Hall is a part of a prison only for kids, for people who are young who haven’t live their lives yet. Why does it happen, why do young people end up in jail? What did they do in this world to get this kind of justice?

Barbie’s qualities

How interesting, that toys bring children’s attention so much that they can effect their lives forever. Every adult was a kid one day and he or she played boy’s or girl’s toys. The question is why kids separate their toys?

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